All Women Are Crazy

That got everyone’s attention, I’m sure.

So to clarify that statement, let me first say that this is not true. Or at least I do not believe it to be true. And the funny thing is, the statement was said by you guessed it…A man! So if a man is saying All women are crazy, is it safe to conclude (after a long philosophically reasoning), that this statement is just that…a ridiculous excuse for a man to justify his own psychotic beliefs that he is again superior and right. Hmm… I’m not sure. I am not a men basher by any sense, but this one set me off. I love men. they intrigue me with their simple minds…haha. All joking aside, most of them really are quite simple. And well, admit it, women can be quite complex. I know I am.

I had a wonderful man in my life for many years who not once used that statement, “All women are crazy”. Nor did he ever say that I was crazy, even when I may have been a little. So of course you can imagine my reaction to that statement once heard by a man in my life at this time. You got it, I came unglued!!! And then yes, I was crazy!! You want to see crazy…I’ll show you crazy!

So I have pondered this for quite some time now and I have come up with a theory. All women probably are crazy because men are making them that way. Eventually that statement will be true because men will declare it true! It is kind of like the Euthyphro Dilemma. Remember that one? Is God morally Good independently of his actions or does he become that way because he declared it? Something to that nature. So are all women crazy independently of the statement or are they crazy because men have declared them to be? It’s one of those statements I have spent way too much time thinking about.

I can see where men may have a notion to believe all women are crazy. We are a little unbalanced at times. But think about all the things we juggle in this life. Women are some of the strongest, unwavering, caregivers in the entire universe. Their love is unconditional, even when stipulations are placed on it. They stay up all hours of the night to take care of sick babies, sick husbands, sad friends, last minute homework, last minute anything that just has to be done by morning. They are the ones you run to when anything goes wrong. They find time where there is absolutely none left in the day! And they usually maintain that smile long into the psychotic break they have when it finally hits them that are worn out. They are amazing creatures!! I know, I am one!

So if anyone else has ever heard this statement come out of the mouth of someone you love and do EVERYTHING for…Just LET IT GO. Just let it roll right off….and shake your head with a smile. Don’t let it consume you to the point of it becoming true!!

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