Indecisive or Motivated

I have been called indecisive by a certain few somebodies through out my life. Mainly because I have always been a “Just Do It” kind of girl. I”m high strung, easily bored… whatever you call it… I call it Motivated!! If you want to try something different, just do it!! That’s how I earned that title.

My indecisiveness lead me to great things. Every step on my life path a greater leap than the last. Always moving…forward, sideways, up, around, through, but never back! The only failure I believe in is the regret that I would have had if I didn’t try it. What if it doesn’t pan out the way you anticipated?? Or for that matter the way others anticipated!! So what! Did you learn from it? Did you enjoy it? What’s next?

We have one life (well most of us anyway). It’s short, not guaranteed, and pointless if you are not enjoying what you are doing. Dont pay mind to the negative ones that would never go out on a limb. Being indecisive Is sometimes motivation!! It is not always bad despite what some might say. Who said that we have to have one job our entire life? Who said we can’t try different things? Sometimes that change can make a world of difference in your life. And at least it keeps things interesting. Be motivated!

Live your life!

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