New Book”Look Again”

I will be publishing a Poetry Book at the end of this year titled Look Again. It is a collection of poetry about love and life in a metaphoric and spiritual way that can only be told from the heart and soul. Very beautiful short poems that are sure to inspire and touch each person differently. I will be featuring a few of the poems here until the book is released. Thank you all for your support!

Look Again

A dying star is still a star when streaking across the atmosphere
Look again as it burns brighter towards the end of its existence
lighting up the night sky
Granting hope upon a wish we carelessly took for granted
Continually fighting to dismiss all that has torn us apart
Looking to renew that which has held us in our soulful belief that together we shine so bright
And the rising sun is still a flame setting awareness in a new day
As the fire burns its way to our unforgiven brokenhearted souls
thirsting for waters in streams left dry and cracked
As the heat tears apart the foundation we had come to stand upon
Lifeless and helpless until the rains fall
Though the clouds find their way to dismiss the drought of our sunken hearts
Heavily sedated in their fate to restore all that we have come to know of beauty and love
But look again
As the flowers bloom and the birds begin to sing
And the thundering echoes of our pounding hearts refuse to cease
Look again as you feel my love undeniably stronger than ever…
Though weak am I in the presence of yours
For we are elements of earth, heaven and hell
Limitless in our power to sanctify a soul driven love
Poorly prepared to accept a destiny that would test the light of our being
Yet greatly rewarded by the divinity of what our destiny has become
What our love can endure
But if we fail to see our souls in the light of each other’s eyes….it is not that they are not there…

Just look again!